Kimball Health HDC product overview


Designed by David Dahl. Wilder brings a sense of warmth and sophistication to waiting places, while keeping the rigorous needs of healthcare facilities in mind.
With soft rounded shapes and unique wood details, Wilder invites people to sit back and relax. The collection includes lounge, guest and bench solutions.

KORE™ Work Cart
The KORE Work Cart is designed for adaptability and embraces the concept of shared workspaces. Supporting a wide variety of work styles, the KORE Work Cart allows you to create individual work areas that can easily be brought together for a simple, collaborative space, all without building or tearing down walls. KORE Work Carts create the right environment for the right state of mind to fit into today’s evolving environments.

Pairings® Nooks

Designed by pL-D. Pairings Nook was designed to address the constraints of today’s waiting places and to make the waiting experience a more pleasant and productive one.
Made with privacy, connectivity, cleanability and comfort in mind, Pairings is a family of components that can be combined to create a range of tailored solutions, whether the environment calls for a simple seating group or a robust lounge system.

Coming JANUARY 2019

Greer™ Patient Recliner
Greer is a modern and modest, full function patient recliner, built with quality and value in mind. The small-scale design works perfectly for today’s smaller footprint spaces while still providing comfort for all body shapes and sizes.

Coming Soon LATE NOVEMBER 2019

Spruce™ Behavioral Wellness | Joelle™ Behavioral Wellness. Spruce designed by Chris Carter.

Thoughtfully designed, Spruce and Joelle offer solutions to meet the unique and critical needs of today’s behavioral wellness facilities.

The single seat lounge in Spruce, paired with multiple sizes of ottomans and tables from
Joelle, blend together to create safe environments that are both serene and comfortable.

Available Now For your next project

Alterna™ Modular Caseworks
As healthcare continues to advance, the needs and expectations of patients and caregivers are changing, altering the course of traditional healthcare environments.
These changes are what has driven the development of Alterna, designed to support this evolving landscape with seamless and durable solutions for the entire facility – from public zones, to clinical areas, to workspaces and more.

The high quality construction of Alterna means it’s dependable throughout the life of the product, and the broad offering of finishes and materials make it easy to specify for new construction or renovations to existing facilities.

Alterna is caseworks built to support the full facility.

Available now.