Bringing Employee Healthcare On-Site

Bringing Employee Healthcare On-Site

It is well known that you do your best when you feel your best. Unfortunately, though, obstacles can get in the way. We all know that enough sleep, a balanced diet, being active, and obtaining proper care are essential to maintaining good health. But when it comes to getting the appropriate amount of care, lack of time and access, cost, and even misunderstanding of benefit plans leads to underutilization of primary care. This can result in employees flooding emergency rooms, missing out on critical preventive care, and letting chronic conditions go unmanaged.1

As part of company initiatives to help their employees feel their best, employers are creating on-site or near-site health centers to help provide a more accessible, comfortable and simplified healthcare experience. Recently, Kimball International partnered with CareATC to create their own convenient, near-site health center providing access to all employees, spouses and dependent children ages two to 26.

“We found that several employees do not have a primary care provider. As a result, they were going to urgent care or the ER to get basic acute care. This resulted in the lack of continuity of care where a provider was able to establish a relationship with the employee/patient and help them appropriately manage their overall health,” explained Lisa Day, Benefits and Wellness Specialist at Kimball International.

The health center is equipped with two exam rooms, a lab room, consulting space, triage area, and much more. Fully furnished with Kimball Health products, this new facility provides a simple healthcare experience, one-on-one focused care, and embodies Kimball International’s Culture of Caring by putting the health and wellness of employees first. Different configurations of Alterna are found in several rooms along with Alpine, Joelle, Pep, Footprint, Wish, Dock, Joya and more. With a neutral color palette mixed with splashes of muted cool colors and warm wood tones, the clinic provides a sense of warmth and calming throughout the entirety of the space.

“The clinic’s design process is based very little on opinion or taste; it is instead based on empirical evidence that enhances the patient experience and health outcomes. In the healthcare industry this process is known as evidence-based design. This leads to a reduction in anxiety and an increased perception of value,” stated Simon Abbott, Vice President of Business Development at CareATC.

We are proud to have furnished the healthcare product solutions for this space to help provide comfort and functionality for our fellow employees and support caregivers in providing the highest level of patient care. Learn more about it and the Kimball Health products utilized in the space by reading the full case study: