KORE Work Cart

Seen at Neocon 18 at the Kimball Chicago Showroom.

The KORE Cart adds a new element to the KORE product line. Combining the privacy of the cubicle with the flexibility of a mobile workstation. The KORE Cart is shaping space within space and redefines the setting. More and more we have to provide a working setting for different users.

Changing users have different needs; with some users requiring the ability to focus as the most important need while others are looking for an open & collaborative setting. With the KORE Cart, one has the ability to easily create a variety of different working settings.

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The KORE Work Cart is designed for adaptability and embraces the concept of shared workspaces. Supporting a wide variety of work styles, the KORE Work Cart allows you to create individual work areas that can easily be brought together for a simple, collaborative space, all without building or tearing down walls. KORE Work Carts create the right environment for the right state of mind to fit into today’s evolving environments.


Adjustable-height option features a pneumatic base to raise and lower the worksurface; no power required
Storage cabinets can be added to either end or both ends of a mobile work cart
A rechargeable power pack battery enables technology integration without being constrained to a single location
Locking casters are standard on all mobile work carts
Tackable felt provides acoustical sound absorption
Back panels are available in TFL, markerboard, or wood veneer, and can be specified with or without an accessory rail and/or tackable felt