United Interiors is a leading supplier of high quality office furniture products to federal, state, local, and municipal government agencies. United Interiors offers an exceptionally wide range of systems, seating, executive office, conference room, storage and lounge.

United Interiors partners with multiple manufacturers that hold many different types of contracts and purchasing agreements that we can offer to our clients. With few exceptions, virtually all of the manufacturers that United Interiors represents have multiple types of contracts that we can utilize. Contact us to learn more about which type of contract best fits your needs.


UI can furnish your government offices they way it works for you.

Kimball is proud to be included on the state contract for California. Your government or public agency may purchase office furniture under this agreement, including:

  • Systems
  • Freestanding desks
  • Seating
  • Filing
  • Conference
  • Training and meeting tables
  • Classroom and library furniture
  • Lecterns
  • Related equipment
  • Support Services
      • Support services


United Interiors is a Kimball Office Connection Dealer. If your company has multiple locations across the country, we offer consistent, furnished environments that work that work for you.


The U.S. Government is a significant purchaser of office furniture for its employees. Like all customers, the Federal Government expects nothing less than commercial-grade quality in the products it buys, accompanied by vendor servicing capability that is responsive and effective.

With few exceptions, virtually all Kimball Office products are covered under GSA Federal Supply Schedule 71, Contract #GS-29F-0177G.