by Kimball

When curiosity and innovative thinking define your culture, solving problems in new and inventive ways can lead anywhere.

That’s how a piano maker from Jasper, Indiana, became one of today’s fastest growing furniture companies, Kimball, Kimball Learning, Kimball Education.

While trends may come and go, we have a longstanding history of being able to evolve, applying modern craft to problem-solving designs allows us to support the way people want to work. Our ability to adapt has taught us one valuable lesson—no one has all the answers. That’s why we keep good company, partnering with prominent designers and industry thought leaders who collectively know where the future of work is heading, allowing us to challenge what’s familiar and inspire fresh ideas.

As we look to the future of the workplace, our goal is to push boundaries, challenge the norms and spark creativity.

Environments that enhance comfort and well-being, foster community and collaboration, and enhance productivity are at our core. Technology is intimately
connected with our life and is seamlessly woven into our product solutions.

While what we make and how we make it will continue to advance, our purpose remains the same—to craft what’s next so everyone can perform at their best. Having a curious
and compassionate nature is what fuels our insight for understanding what matters most to you. By looking at things differently and discovering what brings out people’s best, we’re able to redefine spaces that allow you to WORK YOUR WAY.


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