Let’s Get Sophisticozy 

The Kimball Chicago Showroom shined with sophistication, while exuding comfort and warmth as viewed through the lens of experience and knowledge of design and culture. Our emphasis on relaxation and wellness will be seen throughout the space in uniquely curated products that are personal, cozy and authentic. A more tranquil, welcoming environment is paramount to the physical and mental wellness of employees in the workplace. With its sophisticozy™ atmosphere, the Kimball Chicago showroom embodied a feeling of happiness and comfort, sparking creativity and intellect.

With our continued desire to be human-centered, purpose-driven, and modern, we create flexible and relevant environments that better support the changing nature of workplace activities. Health and wellness are essential to engagement and productivity. That’s why we have a continued commitment to be a company that not only focuses on innovation, knowledge, and adaptability, but also one that is committed to well-being, offering products and solutions that provide comfort and encourage movement.

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