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    Kimball Office's Narrate epitomizes the future of adaptable, modern design. With a crisp, clean aesthetic, Narrate offers a streamlined framework that allows you to tell your brand story throughout the workplace landscape. Narrate provides designers with the ability to maximize flexibility, while bringing together a wide range of complementary components and products – and, never [...] Continue Reading
  • Kimball Health Brochure

    READ MORE jQuery(document).ready(function($) { var blog_slider = new Swiper("#from-the-blog-1315749978", { slidesPerView: 3, breakpoints: { 640: { slidesPerView: 2, }, 480: { slidesPerView: 1, }, } }); }); Kimball Health Brochure by United on May 1, 2017 Sycamore makes patients and visitors more comfortable by United on March 1, 2017 THE NEW HOSPITAL FRONT DOOR by [...] Continue Reading
  • New Joya Product Video

    We are excited to share Kimball Office, newly released product video-Joya! This recently launched product offering includes a full family of task and side seating as well as stools. With its 3 ½" thick cushion seat, Joya is an incredibly comfortable chair; perfect for active work areas. In addition, its multiple base, frame, arm and [...] Continue Reading
  • What is Fresh for 2016 Brochure

    Our sense of place can now be anywhere. The individual creates place. Events create place. A destination is not a point on a map, but who occupies that point. Download Brochure PDF Continue Reading

    By Robby Aull One of the newest programs and building types being developed within the healthcare industry is the freestanding emergency department (FSED). These projects are growing in popularity as hospitals and healthcare systems strategize ways to provide improved, responsive care in the most cost-effective physical environment possible. An FSED is not an urgent care […]

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  • Benching–An Important Piece of Today’s Workplace

    BENCHING IS RELATIVELY NEW TO NORTH AMERICA. In fact, it’s only been around since the early part of the 21st century. The economic challenges driving cost reductions, combined with a strong emphasis on collaboration and increased focus on sustainable office design, are all powerful forces behind the emergence of workplace benching. The convergence of these [...] Continue Reading

    People have a natural resistance to change and even though there are good business reasons for transforming the workplace, often, workers feel vulnerable with the process. Consequently, workplace change management should be executed very carefully and thoughtfully. The goal is to create a well-crafted program that provides support for employees about their new workplace and [...] Continue Reading
  • Villa™ & Dwell™

    Villa : FABRIC : Momentum / Weaving Palettes / Alabaster • ARM CAP : Canyon Oak Villa : Canyon Oak Dwell : FABRIC : Canyon Oak Mayer / Vibrant / Parchment • Mayer / Plaza / Hyacinth Pillow : Mayer / Nirvana / Spa • Carnegie / Aria / 57 Add to Wishlist Product added! [...] Continue Reading
  • Priority™, Stow™, Meadow™, Sanctuary™, & Flip™

    Priority : LAMINATE : Tuscan Walnut • FABRIC : Mayer / Plaza / Hyacinth Stow : LAMINATE : Tuscan Walnut Meadow : FABRIC : Maharam / Sort / 006 • ARM CAP : 3D Laminate Tuscan Walnut Sanctuary : LAMINATE : Tuscan Walnut • TOP : Solid Surface 405 Designer White • PAINT : 544 [...] Continue Reading
  • Wren™, Saffron™, Sanctuary™, Villa™, & Overbed Tables

    Wren : Black Saffron : FABRIC : Maharam / Lineage / Horizon • FINISH : Monterey Oak • ARM CAP : Monterey Oak Sanctuary : LAMINATE : Monterey Oak • TOP : EOSCU Grey • PAINT : 544 Silver Pearl Villa Sleep Sofa : FABRIC : Stinson / Duet / Ivory • ARM CAP : [...] Continue Reading
  • Alpine & Villa

    Alpine (Guest) : SEAT : Carnegie / Buff / 43 • BACK : Maharam / Eden / 001 • PAINT : 425 Shadow • ARM CAP : Polypropylene Black Alpine (Two-Seater) : FABRIC : Ultra Fabric / Dwell / Punch • PAINT : 425 Shadow • ARM CAP : Polypropylene Black Villa : TOP : [...] Continue Reading
  • Fundamentals of Workplace Strategy

    Much has been written about strategy and workplaces under many titles: alternative workplace strategy, strategic facility planning, alternative officing, etc. The overall goal of this paper is to critically examine what we know about workplace strategy and present that knowledge clearly, representing the voice of reason. Download PDF About the Author Tim Springer, PhD, President [...] Continue Reading