Materials to Inspire Creativity

Kimball Select Dealer

While panel systems serve a variety of functions, and are still very popular in today’s work environments, the Kimball Narrate collection inspires designers and end-users to have a completely different visual respect for the panel system. Narrate was thoughtfully designed and developed to allow designers to effortlessly create custom work areas with materiality and tailor configurations for clients with design in mind.

Showcasing unique customized end-panels in our Chicago showroom, we utilized materials created by artisans from around the country that consisted of hand woven loom, reclaimed wood and silkscreen applications. These materials were uniquely incorporated into furniture; something you don’t envision in today’s workplace environments, yet simple to do with Narrate, bringing a whole new aesthetic and brand perception into the environment.

Beyond these materials, endless material options exist, allowing designers to let the creative juices flow. Painted MDF, unique composite veneers, stainless-steel laminates, plywood, customized graphics, mixed materials, layered and seamed panels are some more common examples that can be weaved into the design. Other more extrinsic materials can include 3 form, back-painted magnetic glass and acrylic. These are just a drop in the bucket of examples that designers could integrate into end-panels. Working with artisans to create completely customized and unique end panel designs, as we did in our Chicago showroom, brings a whole new perception of what can truly be done with furniture. By incorporating different types of materiality, it gives customers a wide range of workplace functionality options, as well as aesthetic choices to address today’s need for flexible and responsive workspaces. Furniture needs to be flexible, but it needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well, to help users be as productive as possible and portray a brand statement.