Material Monday | Bold and Bright

February 2019 – Bold and Bright

How do you use colors that are bold and bright? Sometimes it works best to combine them with neutrals and toned-down shades, as we have done in this month’s Color Story. Our wools include Felt Melange which provides deep rich tones of magenta and purple while Loupe’s two-tone epingle pile brings textural contrast. Our newest textile, Everywhere EPU, is a scratch-resistant polyurethane with sustainable properties including zero waste chemicals, zero plasticizers and zero solvents and no water used in its manufacturing process. The performance exceeds virtually all other polyurethane products because its chemistry creates an interlocking molecular layer, making the textile dense and durable. Everywhere EPU, like its name implies, is designed for indoor and outdoor use, making it especially appropriate for restaurant/café/bar seating in those conditions. What complements Everywhere EPU’s 30 color ways best? Our Sunbrella Contract® Confetti, which brings a multicolor component to the mix. So feel free to bring bold and bright color and high performance textiles into your spaces, indoors or outside!