Material Monday

From Creative Materials Corporation here are Erin’s Picks


Stones is a contemporary interpretation of real stone. Its palette is composed of four neutral colors; off-white, grey, olive green and graphite. Its appearance reminds me of a drawing session in which we focused on ink wash paintings. I remember the way the India ink would pool on the paper and how its consistency would change when water was added. The different areas where the color pools on the tile takes on similar characteristics to ink wash paintings.


Much like Blocks 5.0, above, the Stones collection can work in a variety of applications; lobbies, kitchens, bathrooms-you name it. Offering a range of rectangular and square formats in a slightly different portion than we typically see, it allows you to create staggered patterns or straight set layouts with a contemporary stone aesthetic.

Aesthetic: Stone

Size: 10″x30″, 15″x30″, 30″x30″

Location: Import

Application: Floor and Wall