Beyond The Exam Room – The Change Equation

Kimball is happy to announce the addition of our latest CEU course in Design Specialties, Healthcare. The scariest sentence in the English language is “We’ve Always Done It This Way.” As healthcare continues to be done the same way, costs for individuals are escalating and the satisfaction rate is plummeting for both patients and caregivers. Positive change is a must, and that comes from focusing on preventable care, technology integration, and revising product applications.

A great place to start this shift is in the exam room. By focusing on care for true well-being, using technology to support physician/patient interactions, and thinking about the floorplan in new ways, the entire experience can become more pleasant and effective.

This is a one hour, intermediate course that is approved through IDCEC for credit with IIDA, ASID and IDC.

Learn more or schedule the CEU here