Colorsense CEU event by Shaw Contract Group

United Interiors attended a great CEU event, Coloresense. Color & Trend CEU event, presented by the Shaw Contract Group at 527 W 7th St #801, Los Angeles, CA 90017. “Colorsense reaffirmed my belief in the importance of color, in all design, and how it affects our daily life.” said Dan Nickerson, Senior Account Manager of United Interiors. Colorsense explored a sensory color journey with exuberant tactile and altered views that moves through a passage of time, texture and place. With the balance of nothingness and a feast of color there is a surprise awakening for the possibilities of the future. All senses are affected by color whether through touch, sight, smell and even through sound. When experienced together, objects become important in how they are perceived in our everyday life.

From Left to Right: Jean-Guy Poitras – Principal of ARCHITYPE, Kimberly Johnson, Director – Shaw Contract Group, Sean Kim Director – gkk works, Jackie Squires – Cunningham Group, Dan Nickerson Senior Account Manager United Interiors

Awaken Your Senses with the Sense of:


cocoon, severe, sensual, fair, tactile, nuance, sculpt
(The cornerstone of Human experience, beginning in the womb. Design embarks on a journey to provoke the senses and tease the touch.)


sprout, new growth, citrus, pomegranate, savor, heirloom, harvest
(The senses converse, returning retunning focus to the dinner table as we realize happiness is only real when shared.)


envelop, illusion, sheer, dim, frosted, fog, obscure
(We are intrigued by illusions that alter reality, affecting the way we think about design. What is an image and what is an object? What is the real real?)


SHA verdigris, parchment, gilt, copper, rust, oxidize, tarnish
(Our memories revisit the places from our past, capturing events in the recesses of the mind. A return to our heritage, to what makes humans human.)


indigo, jodhpur, beaded, ochre, spice, maasai, clay
(In the pursuit of a more meaningful life experience, we revive and renew traditional techniques, frosting a sense of authentic human attachment and belonging.)


quiet, conscious, clear, authentic, minimal, essence, graphite (In a quest to free our minds and connect with something greater than ourselves, we pare back and live a more simplified life.)


dream, discover, surreal, luminous, awaken, awe, vast
(An emotional response to in-the moment, surreal and spontaneous experiences. Immersing oneself into an alternate, dream-like reality.)


space, augmented, solar, ambient, float, prototype, glow
(Imaginative, futuristic concepts present endless possibilities. New, creative technologies are born. Worlds emerge faster, smarter and more sustainable.)

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