ANSI/BIFMA e3 Sustainability Standard and level® CEU

.1 CEU credit – 1 hour
Subject Code: 8.8 Business and Professional Practice, Oral Communication Skills
Designation: General
Learning Level: Intermediate

Each of us has an interaction or communication/social style that we favor. It is simply the style we are most comfortable with and describes how we prefer to give and receive information. It is the style we use naturally. With the strong emphasis and need for effective collaboration within the office environment for and with our clients, we need to not only understand our own preferred style, but all identify the styles of our clients and co-workers to interact more effectively with them and to help them understand the importance for their business.

Learning Objectives:
Gain a better self understanding of our personal interaction strengths and weaknesses
Better understand how you interact with others and how others perceive you.
Identify ways to interact with others more effectively
Build communication skills in dealing with co-workers, clients and others
Blend your interaction style to increase your effectiveness

This course is approved through IDCEC for credit with IIDA, ASID and IDC While some AIA members can self-report this course for credit, this is not always effective as some state licensing boards may not accept the credit for licensure.