Kimball is committed to not only meeting current environmental standards, but also setting new ones. While our vision for a cleaner planet begins in our own facilities, we know it doesn’t stop there. This April, in celebration of Earth Day, we’re calling on our employees, partners, customers and communities to help us spread our vision. Through our movement, green for good, we’re celebrating small deeds for a better world. By completing one green deed – big or small – each day, we can create a cleaner planet together, making every day Earth Day.

Our initiative emphasizes the importance of taking care of our environment by engaging in daily green practices. It encourages participants to log these practices on our website. By making permanent changes to keep the Earth green, everyone can become better stewards of our planet’s resources.

Kimball is also partnering with area high schools through our work-based learning program to further expand green for good. The students in the program serve as the “ambassador” at each school to educate their fellow students to bring awareness on the importance of the cause and promote participation.

“To achieve corporate environmentally-responsible behavior on a national-scale, our employees must not only actively participate, but also believe in what we are doing. From the founding days of our company, sustainability and the importance of the environment has been ingrained in our very being. The green for good movement continues this mentality and expands it to our community, as well as throughout the country. Our employees, customers, and communities continue to shape our culture and together, we can create a better world,” states Becky Schneider, Marketing Communications Manager at Kimball.

At Kimball, we are proud of our environmental stewardship that we have been practicing since the founding of the company. We continue to bring products to market that are not only innovative, but sustainable. It’s part of our heritage to take initiative, reduce waste, conserve energy, commit fully and lead by example. It’s not enough to simply sustain. We strive to enhance our world.