Interview with Daniel Korb of Korb+Korb

Interview with Daniel Korb of Korb+Korb

What was the design vision for KORE?

As a reference point we did ask ourselves how would a 21st Century Bauhaus address the office today. How would an attractive yet affordable solution look? Using standard tubes and a state of the art manufacturing process became the foundation. A visually and functionally simple table for eating, meeting and working was the goal. In the developing design process, KORE evolved into a full table system for benching with an additional set of mobile tools providing privacy, media integration, and solutions for learning and training. We envisioned a table that would fit into today`s environments for work and living. Together with Kimball it turned into a complete offering.

How do you feel KORE fits in today’s evolving office environment?

KORE addresses a variety of needs and offers choices. As it is based on a simple yet timeless aesthetic, it blends easily into different scenarios. Simplicity as a starting point together and a focus on human needs were at the core. When you design an aquarium, have the fish in mind…

What are your thoughts about working with Kimball Office?

Design for us is a team effort and it needs much more than an idea to make things happen and become real. Foremost it needs energy and trust that what we do is relevant. We found this energy and a forward-thinking spirit with Kimball Office. We have a common cause that we both believe in—that we can and will design the future. KORE speaks for itself it means Kimball Office – Relevant Environments.

Why now?

When the time is right things simply happen.

About Daniel Korb

Like many leading designers of modern furniture, Daniel started as an architect. Baden, Switzerland, is the vantage point for Daniel`s perspective, and is the place where he and his wife, architect Susan Korb, operate Korb+Korb, which they founded in 1989.

Since then, his design expertise has broadened and his inspiration refined. In 2009, Daniel started xchange with Sydney-based architect Anthony Kotarac as a globally-operating platform to exchange ideas, experience, and knowledge. Both share a passion for high quality and well-designed furniture.

Today Daniel is synonymous with system thinking and a holistic view.