AI Business Basics Series
A quick guide to understanding AI and what it can do for your business

You’ve probably heard artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of how business will get done. But do you realize that the opportunity for AI to change your business is happening right now? From creating powerful new customer experiences to optimizing your operations, AI can make your organization smarter and more efficient and help transform your business.

Despite all its potential, AI is probably one of the least understood technologies. And that isn’t surprising, because it isn’t something you can see or touch. In fact, most of us are probably relying on technology that uses AI every day, without even knowing it. Simply put, AI is technology that can perceive, learn, and reason to enhance the capabilities of people and their organizations.

Enhance interactions

AI can interpret meaning from data—including text, images, video, and voice—in real time and at scale. This allows you to develop technology that can interact with people in more natural ways, and gives you the tools to deliver a more personalized customer experience overall.

Leverage the power of your data

At the foundation of AI is data. It’s the answer to the question, “What do I do with all my data?” By constantly compiling input and customer interactions, your systems will actually learn from the data, getting smarter and more valuable over time.

Find patterns to shape your business

AI also enables you to identify patterns within large amounts of data, which may help you better understand and act on real-time customer behaviors. At its best, AI can help you better understand your business and where to invest in product improvement, or figure out customer service issues with information culled by bots. More practical applications could include helping with fraud detection or predictive maintenance of machinery.