Solving Los Angeles’ Parking Dilemma: High Density Parking Systems

Solving Los Angeles’ Parking Dilemma: High Density Parking Systems

UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate

UI had a great time yesterday at the UCLA presentation Solving Los Angeles’ Parking Dilemma: High Density Parking Systems.

They talked about Parking. Parking is and continues to be a threshold issue for development. Despite the use of Uber, Lyft, electric scooters, ride sharing, Metro and the coming of autonomous cars, parking requirements still exist along with market requirements. With the use of mechanical, semi-automated and fully automated/robotic high-density parking systems, developers can save space and dollars to eliminate parking levels.

Several of these high-density parking systems are currently in use throughout Los Angeles, with many more in the pipeline. Some of these projects provide for repurposing of garage levels at a future date. This is typically accomplished by above-grade levels with sufficient height to accommodate stackers or lift slide systems that can later be unbolted and removed to allow for office or residential use.

UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate and UCLA industry experts had a timely discussion on the latest technology, planning and implementation of high-density parking systems in a development project. The program panels included a developer, an architect, a contractor, a construction manager, high-density parking systems providers, and municipal officials, each of whom has incorporated one or more of these systems in projects. The Keynote speaker was Donald ShoupDistinguished Research Professor, Dept. of Urban Planning, UCLA. We also heard insights and solutions from Shahen Akelyan, Assistant Deputy Superintendent of Building, Department of Building and Safety, City of Los Angeles, Oscar Delgado, Deputy City Manager, City of West Hollywood, Andrew Demming, Senior Director & Board Member, Gardiner & Theobald, Yair Goldberg, Executive VP of Sales & Marketing, Unitronics, Matt Howell, Senior Vice President, Western Region, Lincoln Property Company, Michael O’Bryan, President,West Coast Operations, Park Plus California Inc., Amy Pokawatana, AIA, LEED AP, Director, Development, Hudson Pacific Properties, Michael Vetters, Senior Project Manager, RA, Choate Parking Consultants, George Winter, Senior Project Manager, Morley BuildersPaula Reddish Zinnemann, CNO, West Coast Operations, Park Plus Inc.,

UCLA thanked thier sponsors that helped bring this live think piece to the public. The event was sponsored by Gardiner & Theobald,Lincoln Property Company,Morley Builders, Park Plus Inc.,Unitronics, and media sponsor National Parking Association.

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