Winner of the Breakthrough Colorist Award! IIDA OC’s City Center Haute Couture Fashion Show 2014

Each year, the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Orange County’s City Center Haute Couture Fashion Show features a cohesive theme. Using the theme as inspiration, architects, designers, and students create custom outfits designed using typical interior design finish materials.

This year’s theme was “Color Theory, A Celebration of Color,” featuring the fashion and design industry’s hottest colors. In addition to being a fun, creative, and competitive event, the IIDA Orange County Haute Couture Fashion Show also gives back to the community by supporting local charities Working Wardrobes and Olive Crest.

gkkworks’ fashion show team brought home the Breakthrough Colorist trophy. The concept of a caterpillar transforming into a spectacular butterfly wowed the judges and audience. Our team sponsors for this event included Kimball Office, United Interiors and Office Solutions. Congratulations to the gkkworks fashion show team: Christine Peters (Kimball Office), Jeanne Wright (United Interiors), Anh Tran (model), Quan Souresrafil, Megan Zell, Okkwon Kim, Tara Wallace, Kerri Menhaji, Jeff Fuller, and David Hunt. Great job!


Photo Credit: gkkworks


photo credit: Christine Peters Kimball Office

see pictures of the Haute Couture Trunk Show here.