United Interiors is proud to be a Silver Sponsor to IIDA Southern California Haunt Couture 2016, supporting the mission to advance Interior Design through education, legislation, leadership, design excellence, accreditation, and community outreach.

The UI and Kimball Office team were all in attendance supporting the teams and enjoying this amazing night where architecture, furnishings and fashion collide. United Interiors – Michael Cohen, Ronit Cohen, Dan Nickerson, Dean Bright, Jeanne Wright, Lisa McCartney, Anthony Balles, Susan Zale, Mario Mendez, Diane Aquino,Kimball Office Holly Rau Bhattacharya, Sandra Cantanzariti and Vanessa Aparicio.

United Interiors’ own Dan Nickerson reprises his role as the Haunt Couture MC. Kimball Office Sponsored Team GkkWorks to create a “breathtaking” design of their theme Hemlock!

Hemlock is a highly poisonous European plant of the parsley family, with a purple-spotted stem, fernlike leaves, and small white flowers.

People’s Choice
3rd Place (Tie)GKK Works | Kimball Office


May Kim

Haunt Couture is an alchemy of design, fashion and desire. Throughout the centuries, flora and fauna have been used for healing. But there is an equal and powerful obsession with the darker side of doing harm. This year’s theme of good and evil will provide the inspiration for each team to create fashions to wow the judges and audiences alike. Bring your “A” game as competition is as fierce. You don’t want to be the next forget me not!

For more information Contact Dan Nickerson

Save the Date 10.25.2016