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NOTE: This specification is for budgetary purposes only. Varying finish grades and options affect the prices shown. Please contact United Interiors for details and pricing.

Narrate epitomizes the future of adaptable, modern design. With a crisp, clean aesthetic, Narrate offers a streamlined framework that allows you to tell your brand story throughout the workplace landscape. Narrate provides designers with the ability to maximize flexibility, while bringing together a wide range of complementary components and products – and, never compromising design.

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Narrate is a panel offering that combines design, technology and flexibility to support a dynamic workplace environment and provides a wide range of aesthetic choices to address today’s need for highly flexible and responsive workspaces. Technology is effortlessly incorporated with the ease of connection through panels and cleanly concealed through the system’s wireway. Narrate is designed to be an integral component to the open design layout, using custom-created end panels to make a statement while bringing together a wide range of complementary components and products.

Narrate has value in design that will enable you to emphasize the personality of your brand and create positive experiences in the workplace.

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