Benefits of leasing office furniture

Moving to a new office building? Increasing your workforce?

Renovating your current office? Procuring office furniture and glass walls are just a few of the many expenses that companies incur when improving their workplace.

When it comes time to purchase office furniture and equipment, leasing the products, versus purchasing, is a viable option companies should consider for minimizing out of pocket expenditures & preserving cash flow.

Leasing benefits include:

  1. Conserves capital & increases savings. Rather than tying up valuable capital, all equipment costs (furniture, labor, installation, etc.) can be completely financed. Leasing doesn’t require any down payments, so you keep money in your pocket up-front. To stretch your savings even further, leases are paid with pre-tax dollars versus after-tax dollars.
  2. Convenience. With our simple application process, United Interiors can provide fast, flexible financing to make getting new office furniture as easy and painless as ever. Typical approval turn-around is 24-48 hours.

  3. Fixed payments. Budgeting upcoming expenses is simple with fixed payments that never change. There’s no need to worry about hidden fees or pre-payment penalties.

  4. Tax deductions. Lease payments can be written off as tax-deductible operating expenses, depending on the lease chosen.

  5. Flexibility. As needs change or your business grows, leasing allows businesses to easily add or upgrade equipment. Choose the lease and term that works best for your needs.

  6. Preserves credit. Leasing allows businesses to preserve existing credit lines, leaving room for future investments.

Recognizing these benefits, United Interiors now offers financing and leasing options for all their projects. Talk to us today to learn more about a leasing program that is customized to fit your needs!