About Skyview

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Skyview Capital LLC is a privately held investment firm that specializes in the acquisition and strategic management of mission-critical, industry-leading businesses in services and technology. We maintain the embedded philosophy, to solely invest in anies and businesses that we understand, therefore playing a significant and strategic role in providing financial and high-level management resources and expertise to help each any increase in value. Skyview has established a very strong foundation, with a team of seasoned in-house professionals whose inclusive practical enterprise experience spans well over 100 years in each major corporate discipline including but not limited to HR, IT, sales and marketing, operations, finance/accounting, facilities and legal. It is this operational capability, combined with our strategic and financial buying expertise that allows us to create sustainable growth in a variety of market scenarios.

United Interiors Solution

  • Custom Conference Table
  • “Silver” Chairs by Kimball Office