With its Italian design and state-of-the-art features, the HomeWork Task Chair is an office essential that is as highly functional as it is aesthetically appealing. It complements your electric adjustable-height standing desk perfectly. So every time you want to sit down, you can do so conveniently while maintaining good posture.

Its comfortable seat tilts forward for better back support every time you move closer to your motorized desk. It is outfitted with user friendly adjustable features for prime lumbar support as well. In addition, the backrest can recline at a 70+ degree pitch a-la business class airplane seat. This added comfort-boosting feature lets you fully enjoy the benefits of taking power naps or just relaxing in your seat between breaks.




  • Business Class Recline: 70+ degree reclining pitch assures total comfort any time you want to sit back and relax.
  • Forward Tilt: The seat tilts forward, so you can move closer to your electric sit-stand desk any time without compromising good posture.
  • Slidable Seat: Easy to use at any given time, the single-level lock-and-tilt mechanism ensures total back support.
  • Made with Care: The stellar quality of our ergonomic office chair resulted from combining Italian design withhigh quality materials (aerated mesh made in Korea and topnotch molding foam for the chair cushion).