A veteran-owned family business, Appenx got its start in 1986 by introducing Dot-Dash® signage—a flexible, easy-to-install product line that brought freshness and sophistication to workstations everywhere. We’ve been expanding our product lines and capabilities ever since. Our founders came from Herman Miller, a recognized leader in the design community. The clients we serve include some of the nation’s most prominent, design-conscious companies, and they encompass a vast range of industries.




Appenx offers superior value at the most competitive price. Our experts will collaborate with you to create a design, or we’ll develop your specifications to the most finite detail. Designing, engineering and manufacturing our own signage enables us to provide custom solutions, tailored to your specific requirements. From directories and wayfinding to workstation identification, Appenx architectural signage delivers versatility, longevity and aesthetics in any interior environment.

Appenx is conveniently on the GSA schedule as a veteran-owned small business.

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