Alexander & Willis

It’s not how we do it, it’s how we do it better.

When April Alexander and James Willis began Alexander & Willis, they set out to lead a custom furniture restoration and design company that was much more than the sum of its parts. Today, they bring together an experienced, versatile group of craftsmen that sees the big picture in each project. Alexander’s design sensibilities and Willis’ technical nature help align the dynamic, responsive team to the same goal every time. No matter the budget or the timeline, they aim to bring your concepts and vision to full realization.

Outside of the office, James’ and April’s lifestyles draw them to diverse pursuits. You can often find James out on the green. He’s also an avid camper, skier and home renovation specialist. April prefers taking in LA’s world class museums and theater. She enjoys immersing herself in diverse cultures. Though their definitions of fun may differ, they come together to lead a world-class team.


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