The David Edward Collection by Kimball delivers upon our ethos that timeless design enhances both workplace and public environments. We collaborate with internationally acclaimed designers to create signature products that effortlessly unite form and expression. This enduring aesthetic elevates the experience from the expected to the exquisite.


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Generations of refined craftsmanship and sensible sophistication converge with the debut of the David Edward Collection by Kimball. Created in partnership with
internationally acclaimed designers, each piece in the collection immediately makes its impression as a timeless representation of style and structure. Leaning on Kimball’s decades of refining and perfecting manufacturing processes, the David Edward Collection by Kimball is able to fixate on what David Edward furniture has always done best: focus on supplying interior designers and architects with original, quality pieces designed to inspire sensational interactions in unexpected places. With Kimball as the backbone, pieces in the David Edward Collection will experience an unparalleled level of commitment to refining the particulars, and an elevated touch of ingenuity worthy of such design artistry.

Iconic style meets sensible craftsmanship in this culmination of 125 years of quality and experience. It’s time to expect a new unexpected.