1767 Designs

1767 is a woodworking company dedicated to honoring Nashville’s historic architecture by reimagining wood reclaimed from its historic homes.

In 2014, we built our first coffee table using wood we stumbled into when a home near our first Nashville apartment was torn down. This wood, the way it was cast aside, despite its beauty and the amount of life it so clearly had left, became the basis of our entire business. Today, our team of woodworkers operate out of a 6,000-square-foot studio in East Nashville, creating wall art and furniture inspired by the Art Deco and Southwestern designs that we love. We reimagine Nashville’s architectural history by sourcing all of our wood from torn-down homes and historic structures in the area; wood that would otherwise be thrown away, but wood that was once chosen for its strength, its quality, for structures that were built to last. Our pieces are constructed with this same long-lasting mindset, and to date, we’ve rescued wood from more than 75 of these historic homes.

“Buildings like that will never happen again; people are never going to build that way again. To take a piece of that, to save it, and to do something else with it, to apply those same principles that were initially applied to the building or structure when it was built… that’s really special to me.”

– Patrick Hayes, Founder, 1767