A timeless, modular lounge collection that combines elegant simplicity with an industrial aesthetic.

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Designed by pL-D


Pam Light and John Duffy’s distinct combination of abilities are what set pL-D apart. With over 35 years of experience as an interior designer, Pam’s hands-on involvement at a major architectural interiors firm keeps its products pertinent to the needs of the ever-evolving workplace. A degreed designer from Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design, John has over 35 years of experience in product design and development, as well as commercial interiors, creative, and intelligent design.

Design Story

Inspired by the “Enduring Modern” designs of Edward J. Wormley, Whittaker’s graceful silhouette is reflected in the very lean long lines of this meticulously tailored family of lounge chairs and sofas. Pam Light and John Duffy designed Whittaker to allow designers and their clients to make the product align to their needs and reflect their own style.

An elegant, modular line, Whittaker combines light and slender volumes with a sophisticated industrial aesthetic. The upholstered body and cushions seem to float above the sleek, bridge-like steel base. A choice of different cushion types, materials and finishes augment the adaptability – giving Whittaler a chameleon ability to move from one type of space to a totally different type of space.

These options, along with the family’s individual components, can be used as independent elements or freely combined to adapt to various interior environments and furnishing needs, meeting a designer needs for any application.

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