Workplace Change: Managing for Success

.1 CEU credit – 1 hour
Subject Code: 2.9 Interior Design, Programming and Planning
Designation: Health Safety Welfare
Classification: Intermediate

People have a natural resistance to change even though there are good business reasons for transforming the workplace. Often workers feel vulnerable with the process. Consequently, workplace change management should be executed very carefully and thoughtfully for the health and wellbeing of the occupants. The goal is to create a well-crafted program that provides support for employees about their new workplace and assists them in getting back to work as quickly and effectively as possible. This session will explore the importance of workplace change management along with the key steps to success.

Learning Objectives:
Convey the principles and importance of workplace change management
Explain the five steps of a successful workplace change management program
Recognize the impact of change management on employee health, safety and welfare
Discuss how to support a client’s workplace change initiative differently by understanding the effects of change through the eyes of the employees.

This course is approved through IDCEC for credit with IIDA, ASID and IDC.

While some AIA members can self-report this course for credit, this is not always effective as some state licensing boards may not accept the credit for licensure.