Sycamore makes patients and visitors more comfortable

There’s one thing both patients and visitors of hospitals and medical facilities agree on: No matter how short their stay, the wrong furniture can make it feel like an eternity. The Sycamore furniture line changes all of that. With easy entry and exit, unique ergonomic features, Sycamore is a great choice for extended periods of sitting.

Its wall-saver design, small footprint, and choice of lounge, guest, tandem, and multiple seating configurations make it the perfect solution for both common and waiting areas. Patient, motion patient, bariatric, and hip chair options offer ideal seating for patients and allow designers the ability to carry the same aesthetic throughout the facility. With Sycamore seating in the waiting and inpatient rooms, healthcare facilities can rest assured that their patients and visitors wilI be comfortable no matter how long the wait. Find out more: Kimball Health