Pam Light

What was the design vision for Pairings?

As the lines blur between the places and ways we work today, we wanted to create a ‘third place’, a ‘nest’ if you will, that would offer multi-module adaptability and varying degrees of privacy through the options of high and low panels or walls. These walls would ‘mingle’ with varied seating options to provide solutions for environments of all kinds.

How do you feel Pairings fits in today’s evolving office environment?

Pairings adapts to changing work styles and shifting work postures through a smaller footprint, while supporting varying degrees of privacy in an era of open space engagement. The Pairings product line can merge simple sofa/lounge collections with the more informal space where people work, team up, and gather, creating adaptable, lounge-based work settings that host teams and technology in comfort.

Gallery_Pairings_13-FINALWhat are your thoughts about working with Kimball Office?

As product designers we like working with companies that have a unique combination of qualities and principals. We want to know that our products will be built with quality materials in sustainable methodologies, that the company will stand behind the product with strong customer service, that it will be well represented to the design and client community – but most importantly that the team we work with in the development of the project is as committed as we are to developing a product that will meet a users need for a deliverable, affordable product, that supports good design – and it helps if they are fun to work with! Kimball met the criteria.

Why Now?

The workplace is changing rapidly with new technology and changing human expectations. Thanks to the foresight and vision of Kimball’s new management team it has been made possible for fresh design thinking to explore new products that support this change.

About pL-D

Pam Light and John Duffy’s distinct combination of abilities set pL-D apart from other design service providers. Both partners have worked in the industry sectors that provide the means with which products and interiors come together: product design, interior design, and dealership purchasing.

Pam has a background of 35 plus years as an interior designer, including 10 within a dealership and one as an independent furniture rep. Currently her day-to-day, hands-on involvement at a major architectural interiors firm keeps their products pertinent and meeting the needs of today’s clients and their ever evolving workplace.

John, a degreed designer from Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design, has over 35 years of experience in product design and commercial interiors. During this time he has worked for interior design firms that specialize in hospitality, healthcare, and corporate design, with the last 20 years solely committed to product design and development. The partners’ varied backgrounds are the foundation for a design process that combines thoughtful, useful, creative, and intelligent design for the human environment