National IPA FAQ

National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance Contract # P10-004


What is National IPA?
National IPA operates as a Government Purchasing Alliance (GPA), and assists non- Federal public
agencies to purchase goods off competitively bid contracts which have been negotiated by a “lead public
agency”—in this case, Dupage County, IL. Its program office is in San Marcos, CA.]

Who has the right to buy off the contract?
All non-Federal government agencies which are not prohibited from purchasing from another public
agency’s competitively bid contract can participate. This includes counties, cities, towns and villages;
special districts such as fire, sewer, water; public schools, churches, community colleges, churches, nonprofit, hospitals.

Where do I find a listing of my state statutes to notify the agencies of their right to use this
purchasing contract?
You can locate the state statutes on (add your state initials before the .us) or email
Angela Kirkland at for a copy.

Who am I buying from?
National Office Furniture goes to market through a network of over 1000 independent dealers nationwide
To access an authorized National dealer, please go to our website at
Office Depot holds a contract with National IPA; however Office Depot must use National’s contract to sell
National products. National’s terms and conditions will apply if they are a participating dealer.

What does it cost to participate?
Nothing. The aggregate purchasing power of agencies allows National Office Furniture and its
participating dealers to provide discounts to end users without any additional hidden costs or
administration fees.

How will the agency know if they have successfully signed up to participate on this contract?
There is no approval process per se (National IPA does check to confirm it is a legitimate participant). The
registration completes their agreement to the master intergovernmental cooperative purchasing
agreement (MICPA), designed with their interests in mind. An acknowledgement/welcome is sent out by
the National IPA team.

Is this a dealer bill or direct bill?
Orders can be processed as a Dealer Bill or Direct Bill. Credit card purchases accepted for Direct Bill

What office furniture manufacturers are on the National IPA contract?
United Interiors prefers National IPA suppliers include office furniture manufactures National Office Furniture and Kimball Office. We can always work with you to find the right fit.

What are the changes between the old and new contracts?
Per a requests from the County of Dupage and National IPA:

  • Third discount level that was outlined: Inside Delivery
  • Pricing for Supplemental Services were captured

In addition, National added an additional tier to the discount structure.


For more information please contact a United Interiors representative at 1-800-999-0159.