Material Monday | Variegated

Material Monday

From Creative Materials Corporation

Variegated is a curated collection of ceramic and porcelain tiles in square formats  with tailored color palettes. The 6”x6” ceramic wall tiles draw inspiration from the handcrafted look of Moroccan ‘Zellige’ tiles; this aesthetic features a subtle  undulation of the tile surface, a hand cut edge and tonal variation within the glazes.  The 8”x8” porcelain tiles draw inspiration from vintage concrete tiles, mottled and patterned, and how the aging process effects the color and body of the tile. The concrete palette reflects tonal variations similar to the ‘Zellige’ inspired tiles. The third aesthetic of this collection is a structured micro mosaic look in a 2”x2” format. The micro structures have a fabric-like aesthetic woven into its surface. The mosaic palette has less colors than the walls tiles, however the colors do coordinate with the ‘Zellige’ wall tiles.