Learning is the work students do: Applying lessons learned from workplaces to learning spaces. CEU

.1 CEU credit – 1 hour
Subject Code: Design Specialties: Institution: Education
Designation: Interior Design: Design trends
Disruptive changes in technology have enabled changes in behavior and space use. Increased mobility, emphasis on cooperation and interactivity are changing how we work, learn and live.

Billions of dollars have been spent conceiving and developing workplace solutions to accommodate this changing paradigm.

These lessons from workplaces can and should find application in developing more effective learning environments. This session will ask you to question what you know, challenge how you think, encourage you to expand your expectations and explore ways in which the environment can become a tool for more effective learning.

Learning Objectives:
Understand common driving forces for change in workplaces and learning spaces and how they have changed the paradigm
Acknowledge what we know – and don’t know – about environment, behavior and learning outcomes
Recognize how learning spaces can change to meet the needs of students and educators today and tomorrow
Identify design principles and elements that enhance learning
Understand why one size does not fit all
Comprehend transition and flow and how learning spaces can support them
Determine two or three specific things you can apply when creating your learning spaces.

This course is approved through IDCEC for credit with IIDA, ASID and IDC

While some AIA members can self-report this course for credit, this is not always effective as some state licensing boards may not accept the credit for licensure.