We recently attended the annual “Future of Retail” Symposium at RDC headquarters in Long Beach, California.
The event was hosted by Chief Executive Officer, Brad Williams and Vice President of Client Engagement, David Sheldon. RDC strives to be proactive in helping define what the future of retail unfolds. Every year they hold a symposium, inviting thought leaders from around the nation to discuss, deliberate and engage in proactive solutions for our commercial environments.

Panelists included Dr. Chris Luebkeman, director for global foresight + research + innovation, ARUP; Katherine Perez-Estolano, associate principal, Cities Leader, ARUP; Andrew Turf, senior vice president of High Street Retail Services, CBRE; David Tovey, director of architecture & design, Walmart and Aaron Richter, senior vice president of design, Equinox.