Design Trends Showcased in Chicago

Cloud-based computing will reduce the need to dedicate space for filing, printing, copying, and storage.

For most companies that’s going to leave a rather large, empty area. So how do you fill the space if a few potted plants won’t do the trick? In our Chicago showroom we created an awesome little “Brainstorm Room” that is a perfect way to repurpose that space. Our “work lounge” is also a good solution since it doesn’t require much storage.

Workspaces are adapting to an employee’s needs instead of the other way around.
In the past, when employees were hired, they were given a desk, a chair, and a space to work in. And that’s exactly where you’d find them, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. But with today’s technology, employees don’t have to spend all their time chained to one spot. They can turn any place into a workspace.

Another 2017 design trend you’ll find in the Kimball showroom is thier take on height adjustable desks.

Even if employees are working side by side, they can adjust the height of their desk from sitting to standing to any level in-between — and they can do it without affecting the people sitting next to them.

And to make sure their devices have the power they need without having chargers and wires taking up valuable desk space, they have created JOLT.

It has a USB charger that affixes to the bottom of any surface and a wireless charging unit that enables wireless charging of multiple devices at any given time.

Bringing nature indoors no longer means adding a plant here or there.

Biophilic design elements are finding their place in today’s offices. The reason is that many believe making a connection with nature while at work increases productivity, emotional well-being, learning, and healing while reducing stress.

Our “Living Wall” is a perfect example of how easy it is to introduce nature into any space.

But greenery isn’t the only way to enjoy the benefits of biophilic design elements in your office. That’s why you’ll also find custom panels made from reclaimed wood, and other natural elements throughout our Chicago showroom.

Increase dialogue by decreasing the seating formality.

Ever notice how much more comfortable people are talking to each other when they’re sitting in a more relaxed atmosphere? That’s why companies are moving away from those stodgy formal conference rooms and creating less formal acoustic furniture pods. Our Pairings collection with its tech and tablet arms offers the perfect seating for a smaller furniture pod arrangement while our Narrate shelter picnic table and work lounge are perfect for a group gathering.

It’s time for comfortable collaboration.

To help improve employee interaction during large meetings, make sure everyone feels comfortable. Our Pairings perch creates relaxed seating for larger informal meetings while our Theo lounge configuration puts everyone around a table at the same level.

Narrate. Our untraditional take on the traditional panel system.
Showcased throughout our Chicago showroom, Narrate demonstrates how innovative thinking can bring a fresh perspective to those boring panel systems. With customizable end panels, easy integration of technology, and configurations that work in today’s open floor plan, Narrate provides flexibility without compromising functionality.

With Narrate, companies are free to tell their “Brand Story” and integrate their personality into their furniture.