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  • Eisner and Frank Beverly Hills

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  • green glossary of terms

    Biodiversity: The word is a contraction of “biological diversity,” and refers to the number, variety, and variability of living organisms. Environmental Aspects: An element of an organization’s activities, products or services that can interact with the environment. Environmental Chamber: A controlled, non-reactive testing device of known volume with dynamically maintained air change rate, temperature, and humidity. Environmental Policy: Is […]

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  • United Interiors a Kimball Office Select Dealer

    As a Select Dealers UI represent the core of the Kimball Office brand in terms of culture, integrity, experience and professionalism. Every person on staff is factory trained by Kimball Office from Customer Service to Specifiers, Sales, Project Managers & Certified Installers Highest level of resources & support from Kimball Weekly UI / Kimball internal updates […]

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