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  • Interface- POP 2. What is creativity and why it is important?

    There’s a lot of talk about the need for creativity in the workplace. And none of it has anything to do with the type of artwork you choose to hang on your walls. Instead these conversations center on the fact that organizations that encourage their employees to think creatively at work enjoy a distinct advantage [...] Continue Reading
  • The Connection Between Well-Being and Creativity White Paper

    Get the White Paper In this Kimball whitepaper, Kimball identifies areas of a business environment that could affect an employee’s well-being connected to creativity. What you will learn ∙ Employee mental health is costing American companies billions in lost productivity ∙ Technology is blurring the line between office hours and personal time ∙ Creativity in [...] Continue Reading
  • JLL’s 6 Workplace Trends

    JLL's Article "The real workplace trends to steal from tech" explores how our workplace is changing. Since the physical office is no longer mandatory, employers are making it more appealing to be there, and easier than ever to collaborate. But some emerging workplace trends are a bit eccentric unless you work in tech. How do [...] Continue Reading
  • An Extraordinary Headquarters with personality

    National Office Furniture’s Adaptable Workplace, a White Paper written by Gensler and National, provides an insider’s view of how the two companies partnered to design a facility dedicated to supporting productivity while nurturing the morale and well-being of employees. National and Gensler conducted a Pre-Occupancy Survey and a Post-Occupancy Survey to better understand how employees [...] Continue Reading
  • Patient experience drives design and construction

    2016 Hospital Construction Survey HFM and ASHE of the American Hospital Association February 3, 2016 About this survey: Health Facilities Management (HFM) and the American Society for Healthcare Engineering of the American Hospital Association surveyed a random sample of 3,125 hospital and health system executives to learn about trends in hospital construction. The response rate [...] Continue Reading

    People have a natural resistance to change and even though there are good business reasons for transforming the workplace, often, workers feel vulnerable with the process. Consequently, workplace change management should be executed very carefully and thoughtfully. The goal is to create a well-crafted program that provides support for employees about their new workplace and [...] Continue Reading
  • Renewing, Repurposing, Optimizing Space

    Download PDF WHITE PAPER Learning can and does occur virtually anywhere. This, however, does not relieve us of our responsibility to provide a safe, healthy, quality environment in which all students can learn and all teachers can< teach. Nearly $24.5 billion worth of school and college construction was completed in 2015 – building new facilities [...] Continue Reading
  • Evolution of the Learning Environment

    Download PDF WHITE PAPER Evolution of the Learning Environment Learning is a dynamic process that can be helped or hindered by the physical environment. A wide gap often exists between the schools we have and the schools we need. With each design decision we make the question should be asked… Are we creating a learning [...] Continue Reading
  • Education In the 21st Century Higher Education Trends

    The 21st Century Higher Education Environment is no longer just a place to sit and pay attention. With connect classrooms, online learning and advances in technology. It has evolved into an interactive, multi-functional tool used to assist educators in the facilitating of a variety of learning modules. Learning Model Media & Technology Adaptability Connectivity read the […]

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  • Classroom of the Future Whitepaper

    The classroom space is no longer just a place to sit and pay attention. It has evolved into an interactive, multi-functional tool used to assist educators in the facilitating of a variety of learning modules. DOWNLOAD PDFREQUEST A QUOTEEducation News Continue Reading
  • Learning is a Two Way Street Kimball Office Outreach – whitepaper

    DOWNLOAD PDF Every year, Kimball Office hosts a group of Maryville University Interior Design students to teach them about our company, process, and culture. What is even more exciting, however, is what the students teach us. Continue Reading
  • Fundamentals of Workplace Strategy

    Much has been written about strategy and workplaces under many titles: alternative workplace strategy, strategic facility planning, alternative officing, etc. The overall goal of this paper is to critically examine what we know about workplace strategy and present that knowledge clearly, representing the voice of reason. Download PDF About the Author Tim Springer, PhD, President [...] Continue Reading
  • What is Benching?

    Today’s benching solution has improved flexibility, mobility, and easy access to power and data, which make it the ideal solution for a wide range of organizations and workers. Download the Kimball Whitepaper.

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