• Pam Light – Interview

    Pam Light What was the design vision for Pairings? As the lines blur between the places and ways we work today, we wanted to create a 'third place', a 'nest' if you will, that would offer multi-module adaptability and varying degrees of privacy through the options of high and low panels or walls. These walls [...] Continue Reading
  • Defining Design – Pam Light – Video

    About pL-D Pam Light and John Duffy’s distinct combination of abilities set pL-D apart from other design service providers. Both partners have worked in the industry sectors that provide the means with which products and interiors come together: product design, interior design, and dealership purchasing. Pam has a background of 35 plus years as an [...] Continue Reading
  • Interview with Daniel Korb of Korb+Korb

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    Interview with Daniel Korb of Korb+Korb

    What was the design vision for KORE?

    As a reference point we did ask ourselves how would a 21st Century Bauhaus address the office today. How would an attractive yet affordable solution look? Using standard tubes and a state of the art manufacturing process became the foundation. A visually and functionally simple table for eating, meeting and working was the goal. In the developing design process, KORE evolved into a full table system for benching with an additional set of mobile tools providing privacy, media integration, and solutions for learning and training. We envisioned a table that would fit into today`s environments for work and living. Together with Kimball it turned into a complete offering.

    How do you feel KORE fits in today’s evolving office environment?

    KORE addresses a variety of needs and offers choices. As it is based on a simple yet timeless aesthetic, it blends easily into different scenarios. Simplicity as a starting point together and a focus on human needs were at the core. When you design an aquarium, have the fish in mind…

    What are your thoughts about working with Kimball Office?

    Design for us is a team effort and it needs much more than an idea to make things happen and become real. Foremost it needs energy and trust that what we do is relevant. We found this energy and a forward-thinking spirit with Kimball Office. We have a common cause that we both believe in—that we can and will design the future. KORE speaks for itself it means Kimball Office – Relevant Environments.

    Why now?

    When the time is right things simply happen.

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  • Interview with Carlos Posada

    repost from IIDA brighter ideas Interview with Carlos Posada IIDA LEED AP by Susan Zale, Industry IIDA United Interiors Gensler LA is a talent-rich firm, and Principal Carlos Posada is a bright star in their firmament. Born in Colombia, Carlos immigrated to the US to study architecture, particularly urban design and landscape architecture in Washington [...] Continue Reading
  • Pomona Valley Hospital and Outpatient Pavilion Case Study

    Pomona Valley Hospital and Outpatient Pavilion Case Study The historic Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, more than 100 years old, was too small to service the growing community. In addition to adding the space the facility currently lacked, PVHMC also wanted to rebrand its image by providing a new building entrance that mirrored the excellence [...] Continue Reading
  • ANSI/BIFMA e3 Sustainability Standard and level® CEU

    Schedule a CEU event .1 CEU credit - 1 hour Subject Code: 8.8 Business and Professional Practice, Oral Communication Skills Designation: General Learning Level: Intermediate Each of us has an interaction or communication/social style that we favor. It is simply the style we are most comfortable with and describes how we prefer to give and [...] Continue Reading
  • Colorsense CEU event by Shaw Contract Group

    United Interiors attended a great CEU event, Coloresense. Color & Trend CEU event, presented by the Shaw Contract Group at 527 W 7th St #801, Los Angeles, CA 90017. "Colorsense reaffirmed my belief in the importance of color, in all design, and how it affects our daily life." said Dan Nickerson, Senior Account Manager of [...] Continue Reading
  • Applying What Scientists Know

    About WHERE and HOW People Work Best WHAT YOU WILL LEARN Employee experience & Performance Implications of sensory experiences (colors on surfaces, colored lights, scents, sound, temperature, etc.) Worker experience and basic architectural forms (ceiling heights, windows, etc.) Psychosocial factors affecting worker performance (privacy, territory, personal space, density, control, etc.) Workplace design and worker behavior [...] Continue Reading
  • Evolution of the Learning Environment

    Download PDF WHITE PAPER Evolution of the Learning Environment Learning is a dynamic process that can be helped or hindered by the physical environment. A wide gap often exists between the schools we have and the schools we need. With each design decision we make the question should be asked… Are we creating a learning [...] Continue Reading
  • Contract Furnishing Trends by Mike Wagner, Kimball Office President

    Repost from www.kimballoffice.com A Message from Mike Wagner, Kimball Office President Good tidings to all! There is nothing that warms your heart more than seeing the surprise on a stranger's face when they receive an anonymous gift or friendly favor. After all, it 'tis the season. If you get the chance to surprise a stranger [...] Continue Reading
  • Market Trends: What is the Future of the Office? by Pedro Ayala

    Repost from www.kimballoffice.com by Pedro Ayala Kimball Office Director of Architecture and Design Strategies We have all come across articles wanting to define the future of the "office". Is the office dead? Some declare that the office environment is in decline. Especially with the emergence of the "mobile worker" and the downsizing of the work [...] Continue Reading
  • Kimball Office partners to design the Classroom of the future

    repost from www.kimballoffice.com The classroom of the future is here. Now. In a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Ohio’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Richard Ross, the “Classroom of the Future” was unveiled at Sidney High School (SHS) in Sidney, Ohio. By collaborating design services and handling the furniture acquisition, Kimball Office Select Dealer Partner Innovative […]

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  • Rethink Law

    Rethink LAW LESS IS MORE Thoughtful Space Reduction Reevaluation of space and implementation of strategies such as universal office sizes, wall-less offices, and mobility programs, will increase real estate efficiency 15-40% Average space reduction while simultaneously increasing headcount CHOICE & BALANCE Focus + Collaboration Providing a balance of work settings within the office that give [...] Continue Reading
  • Learning Insights from Izzy+

    How We Learn Anticipating the future of education requires understanding that teaching and learning don’t happen in a vacuum. Everything from the social and cultural trends impacting today’s student to the changes in technology and pedagogy impact what should be learned and how that learning should be approached. In our research, Izzy+ has arrived at four key factors that impact learning today: pedagogy, students, technology, and space. Although there can be […]

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  • Saddleback College Library | Case Study

    Saddleback College’s aging library building was inefficient for modern researching methods utilizing technology as the primary tool. Saddleback’s goal was to transform their dated library into a vibrant facility that provided a diverse learning landscape. Enrollment was increasing significantly, and Saddleback needed to maximize their available floor space.

    Room Types
    Open Plan, Lounge Areas,Conference, Private Office

    Square Footage

    Furniture Lines Used
    VillaTM, EventTM, Footprint®, Fundamental Files®, Fluent®, Traxx®, CamposTM, Adagiato®, Conferencing Solutions, Xsite®

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  • Interaction Styles | CEU

    The program is approved for IDCEC CEUs, GBCI CEs, and AIA LUs. IDCEC Continuing Education Unit (CC-101277) 1 Hour Session - CEU 0.1 GBCI Continuing Education Hours (009004015) 1 Hour Session - CE 1 AIA CES Learning Unit (e320130000) 1 Hour Session - LU 1 Description: This course offers a review of the content of [...] Continue Reading
  • Learning is the work students do: Applying lessons learned from workplaces to learning spaces. CEU

    .1 CEU credit - 1 hour Subject Code: Design Specialties: Institution: Education Designation: Interior Design: Design trends Disruptive changes in technology have enabled changes in behavior and space use. Increased mobility, emphasis on cooperation and interactivity are changing how we work, learn and live. Billions of dollars have been spent conceiving and developing workplace solutions [...] Continue Reading
  • Workplace Change: Managing for Success

    .1 CEU credit - 1 hour Subject Code: 2.9 Interior Design, Programming and Planning Designation: Health Safety Welfare Classification: Intermediate People have a natural resistance to change even though there are good business reasons for transforming the workplace. Often workers feel vulnerable with the process. Consequently, workplace change management should be executed very carefully and [...] Continue Reading
  • Kimball Office has earned the opportunity to help lead BMW through a revolutionary rebranding event

    Download Case Study Kimball Office has earned the opportunity to help lead BMW through a revolutionary rebranding event by bringing a heightened experience to BMW dealers and clientele. By providing an unsurpassed, exceptional furniture experience for the BMW Future Retail Program, Kimball Office is honored and proud to be their furniture manufacturer of choice. In [...] Continue Reading
  • The future just got greener with Carbon-Negative Furniture

    Photo: Dan MacMedan, USA TODAY Post by United Interiors. “This will be a paradigm shift in our industry,” says Dick Resch, CEO of furniture maker KI, saying AirCarbon will produce the first carbon-negative furniture. KI, which has backed Newlight for eight years and holds exclusive industry rights to its product, plans next year to sell AirCarbon […]

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  • Education In the 21st Century Higher Education Trends

    The 21st Century Higher Education Environment is no longer just a place to sit and pay attention. With connect classrooms, online learning and advances in technology. It has evolved into an interactive, multi-functional tool used to assist educators in the facilitating of a variety of learning modules. Learning Model Media & Technology Adaptability Connectivity read the […]

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  • Classroom of the Future Whitepaper

    The classroom space is no longer just a place to sit and pay attention. It has evolved into an interactive, multi-functional tool used to assist educators in the facilitating of a variety of learning modules. DOWNLOAD PDFREQUEST A QUOTEEducation News Continue Reading
  • Saddleback College Library | Video

    Saddleback College Library Video

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  • "Minds at Work" IIDA CEU event at United Interiors Orange County Showroom

    United Interiors hosted the IFMA lecture "Minds at Work" presented by Holly Rau at our Orange County Showroom last night. Thank you to everyone who attended we had a great evening. The presentation "Minds at Work" was an insightful look into the science of cognitive ergonomics in the workplace. If you missed this event and [...] Continue Reading
  • Learning is a Two Way Street Kimball Office Outreach – whitepaper

    DOWNLOAD PDF Every year, Kimball Office hosts a group of Maryville University Interior Design students to teach them about our company, process, and culture. What is even more exciting, however, is what the students teach us. Continue Reading
  • Fundamentals of Workplace Strategy

    Much has been written about strategy and workplaces under many titles: alternative workplace strategy, strategic facility planning, alternative officing, etc. The overall goal of this paper is to critically examine what we know about workplace strategy and present that knowledge clearly, representing the voice of reason. Download PDF About the Author Tim Springer, PhD, President [...] Continue Reading
  • What is Benching?

    Today’s benching solution has improved flexibility, mobility, and easy access to power and data, which make it the ideal solution for a wide range of organizations and workers. Download the Kimball Whitepaper.

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  • Work on the Move

    United Interiors is pleased to announce "Work on the Move" presented by IFMA and WE. United Interiors is honored to be included in this ground breaking book. The installation for SCAN, was included as a case study. Another example of a Furnished Environment that Works. "Work on the Move" helps facility managers prepare for the future of [...] Continue Reading
  • CEU

    United Interiors Continuing Education Center. Our goal is to support your professional development through learning opportunities that focus on workplace issues and industry topics and trends. Many of the courses are offered during the noon-hour and include lunch. Courses are IDCEC-approved and IIDA-accredited. Online Courses: Designing Effective Workplaces Using Systems Furniture Traditional Courses: Communication Styles [...] Continue Reading