• Kimball Chicago Showroom VR Tour 2019

    With its Sophisticozy™ atmosphere, the Kimball Chicago showroom embodied a feeling of happiness and comfort, sparking creativity and intellect. Explore the Kimball Chicago VR

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  • Simple steps to keep your IT systems safe

    Simple steps to keep your systems safe For years, process control systems were secured with a combination of “security through obscurity” and willful ignorance. Increased threats from malicious hackers, often sponsored by nation-states and criminal organizations, are demonstrating that neither of these approaches is sufficient. If you are to have a hope of keeping your […]

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  • WE HUB Merging the physical and digital workplaces Merging the Physical & Digital Workspace Video

    WE HUB presented “Merging Digital and Physical Workplaces, the Convergence of People, Places + Technology.” at the Kimball Los Angeles Showroom April 4th. In case you missed it you can watch the video here.

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  • What Is a Smart City? Listen to Three Experts Debate

    What Is a Smart City? Listen to Three Experts Debate Architect Paul Doherty, policy and sustainability expert Debra Lam, and author Anthony Townsend exchange opinions and insights on why companies across all sectors want a stake. By WANDA LAU Season four of ARCHITECT's podcast. Listen to more episodes here. These days, companies in every sector [...] Continue Reading
  • Will the Advent of Artificial Intelligence Affect Small Firms?

    AIA talks AI and small architecture firms. Written by Mimi Kirk

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  • AR Will Spark the Next Big Tech Platform by Wired Magazine

    AR WILL SPARK THE NEXT BIG TECH PLATFORM—CALL IT MIRRORWORLD by Wired Magazine EVERY DECEMBER, ADAM Savage—star of the TV show MythBusters—releases a video reviewing his “favorite things” from the previous year. In 2018, one of his highlights was a set of Magic Leapaugmented reality goggles. After duly noting the hype and backlash that have dogged the product, [...] Continue Reading
  • Data Science Saves Lives | Intel gold partner

    Devices powered by the latest generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors deliver serious business-compute power, along with hardware-enhanced security and remote manageability. Healthcare based on the uniqueness of the individual is fundamental to better outcomes and new insights for each person and across populations. Achieving this means making personal healthcare a priority. Contact Us today to [...] Continue Reading
  • 4. The effects of technology in the workplace.

    There’s a lot of talk about the need for creativity in the workplace. And none of it has anything to do with the type of artwork you choose to hang on your walls. Instead these conversations center on the fact that organizations that encourage their employees to think creatively at work enjoy a distinct advantage [...] Continue Reading
  • Toshiba Unveils New Solutions Empowering the Art of Retail at LEAD 2018

    September 5, 2018 Las Vegas, NV Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions and Toshiba America Business Solutions are teaming up to empower retailers and business partners during LEAD (Learn, Engage, Act and Deliver) 2018 Sept. 5 and 6 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. LEAD 2018’s theme of Empowering the Art of Business, celebrates the notion that […]

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  • The Winners of the Kimball + Metropolis Smart Furniture Design Competition | Video

    BRINGING LIFE TO WORK A Seattle based team, O2U, consisting of Dustin Wang, the Product Manager, Aldo Torres the Full Stack developer, Tyler Jomg the Designer, Eric Hongm the Business Lead and Aaron Lim the Mechanical Engineer came up with the idea of how to solve the problem of boring and unwelcoming static workplaces and [...] Continue Reading
  • What is AI?

    You’ve probably heard artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of how business will get done.

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  • Why AI Now?

    AI Business Basics Series A quick guide to understanding AI and what it can do for your business  You’ve probably heard artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of how business will get done. But do you realize that the opportunity for AI to change your business is happening right now? From creating powerful new [...] Continue Reading
  • What does AI mean for your business?

    Right now, AI can help you realize transformation in the areas that matter most to your business: engaging with customers, empowering employees, and optimizing your operations while transforming products.

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  • Get down to business with AI

    Get the boost your business needs to succeed in a digital future with AI.

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  • Changing Demographics: Shifting the tapestry of society

    UI Technology Services Your HP Platinum Partner Repost from Medium & HP Megatrends by HP This brave new world we live in of constant change is giving way to a reimagining of our socio-economic landscape. On the one hand, we have a new generation that is beginning to enter the workforce, a generation known as [...] Continue Reading
  • BLUETOOTH Speakers from Kimball

    Just walk up, turn it on, and wirelessly connect. It even offers the added benefit of power and USB charging. This high-quality speaker pairs easily with most mobile devices and is tuned for optimal sound.

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  • Hyper Globalization: Powering a global marketplace

    UI Technology Services Your HP Platinum Partner Repost from Medium & HP Megatrends by HP This brave new world we live in of constant change is giving way to a reimagining of our socio-economic landscape. Globalization arguably began 2,000 years ago with the 6,000km Silk Road that connected Eurasia. However, no one can argue that [...] Continue Reading
  • Accelerated Innovation: The building blocks to tomorrow

    UI Technology Services Your HP Platinum Partner Repost from Medium & HP Megatrends by HP This brave new world we live in of constant change is giving way to a reimagining of our socio-economic landscape. Accelerated Innovation: The pace and breadth of innovation continues to accelerate. As new technology components mature and become commoditized, they [...] Continue Reading
  • Kimball Design Hack: A Smart Furniture Design Competition

    As the Internet of Things (IoT) and the digital transformation continues to influence both the home and the workplace, interior designers face challenges of furniture integrating these new “smart” technologies to support this transformation. To meet these challenges, Kimball is inviting you to enter our Smart Furniture DESIGN HACK.

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  • Rapid Urbanization: our sprawling urban landscape

    UI Technology Services Your HP Platinum Partner Repost from Medium & HP Megatrends by HP By 2030 there will be 8.5 billion people walking the earth. 97% of that population growth will be in emerging economies, and most of these people will choose to call cities their home. By 2025, 5 billion people will live [...] Continue Reading
  • 3 Emerging Megatrends

    Introducing HP’s 2018 Megatrends, and how they’re shaping our world At CES in Las Vegas, HP’s CTO maps out a vision for the future. By Shane Wall, Chief Technology Officer at HP and Global Head of HP Labs — January 10, 2018 It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in the face of these tidal-wave forces of change, [...] Continue Reading
  • New York, New York

    United Interiors explored New York, New York

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  • Healthcare Technology Products and Services

    Technology Products, Services and Solutions Optimize individual and team productivity with purpose-built healthcare solutions designed with input from healthcare professionals. UI adapts computing, printing and imaging solutions to meet specific healthcare requirements and operate seamlessly in acute care, ambulatory, and field environments. For more information about our Technology Services and Document Solutions for Healthcare contact [...] Continue Reading
  • CET Designer

    With NeoCon 2017 upon us, we’re featuring a series great new products that you can check out in living color at the show. Next up: learn about the latest upgrades to Configura‘s CET Designer 8.0, and stay tuned for more product coverage in the coming weeks. Tell us about the product. Based on technology created [...] Continue Reading
  • Microsoft Halolens UI Technology Services Micosoft Partner What is Phygital?

    Phygital (physical + digital) work started as a marketing term that describes blending digital experiences with physical ones. As the channels of customer interaction and communication proliferate, companies aim to make combining these channels frictionless and seamless, enabling a customer to make a phone call, then communicate in a social media platform, then send an [...] Continue Reading
  • Meet Jolt Wireless and USB charging

    Today, technology is intimately connected with our life, work, and communication—the reason we’re making it a more seamless experience. Jolt includes a USB charger and a wireless power-charging surface that seamlessly integrates technology vital to connection, collaboration and productivity.

    USB Charger
    – Capable of charging a variety of devices including phones and tablets; IOS or Android
    – Blue light indicates USB connectors are powered
    – Charges up to 2 amps per port
    – Charges devices compatible with USB 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 (Type A)
    – Includes UL listed power adapter with 10′ cord

    Wireless Charging
    – Charges up to three devices at the same time; IOS, Android or Windows
    – Charges devices with varying power requirements
    – Capable of charging metal encased phones
    – Includes UL listed power adapter with 6′ cord
    – Can be used on surfaces 1/2″ to 1 3/16″ thick

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  • HP Mega Trends Photo credit HP 4 Megatrends

    UI Technology Services Your HP Platinum Partner Repost from Medium & HP There’s so much change happening around us these days that it’s easy to forget the speed at which things are changing. We now have more computing power in our pocket than all of NASA had in 1969 to put the first man on [...] Continue Reading
  • Kimball Office unveils smart ecosystem collections and initiatives in Chicago

    repost from FMLink by Brianna Crandall — July 4, 2016 Contract office furniture manufacturer Kimball Office unveiled a series of smart ecosystem collections and transformational concepts for the future workplace in Chicago at the company’s flagship showroom June 13-15. The exhibits demonstrated Kimball’s theme for this year, “You Are Here,” emphasizing tomorrow’s workplace, which Kimball [...] Continue Reading
  • Ransom Malware hits OC Architects | Stay Protected

    Repost from AIA Orange Countywritten by Bradley Delp A New Computer Virus With Serious Implications! A new virus has been hitting Orange County Architect’s offices with serious consequences. This virus (program) runs on your computer encrypting your files so you cannot read them unless you pay a ‘ransom’ in non traceable funds (bits) for the […]

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  • Healthcare Digital Signage Wayfinding

    Request more information Keep Patients and Visitors Informed with Digital Signage United Interiors digital signage solutions can guide patients and visitors through your facility or keep them informed. Let our masters design a customized touch-screen experience that you can keep updated in real-time. The possibilities are many, including: Allow patient self-service check-in Notify staff of [...] Continue Reading