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  • Westinghouse Arts Academy | Kimball Case Study

    Westinghouse Arts Academy Charter School is a creative and performing arts public charter school that combines academic work with intensive study in one or more areas of the arts, allowing students to focus on one area or participate in cross-disciplinary study based on their goals and interests. For their new facility, the school did not [...] Continue Reading
  • Columbus State University

    Columbus State University (CSU) offers nationally distinctive programs in the arts, education, business, nursing, and more. CSU thrives on community partnerships to deliver excellence for students who want to achieve personal and professional success in an increasingly global environment. For the new home of Columbus State University’s College of Education and Health Professions, it was [...] Continue Reading
  • Renewing, Repurposing, Optimizing Space

    Download PDF WHITE PAPER Learning can and does occur virtually anywhere. This, however, does not relieve us of our responsibility to provide a safe, healthy, quality environment in which all students can learn and all teachers can< teach. Nearly $24.5 billion worth of school and college construction was completed in 2015 – building new facilities [...] Continue Reading
  • Evolution of the Learning Environment

    Download PDF WHITE PAPER Evolution of the Learning Environment Learning is a dynamic process that can be helped or hindered by the physical environment. A wide gap often exists between the schools we have and the schools we need. With each design decision we make the question should be asked… Are we creating a learning [...] Continue Reading
  • Kimball Office partners to design the Classroom of the future

    repost from The classroom of the future is here. Now. In a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Ohio’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Richard Ross, the “Classroom of the Future” was unveiled at Sidney High School (SHS) in Sidney, Ohio. By collaborating design services and handling the furniture acquisition, Kimball Office Select Dealer Partner Innovative […]

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  • Learning Insights from Izzy+

    How We Learn Anticipating the future of education requires understanding that teaching and learning don’t happen in a vacuum. Everything from the social and cultural trends impacting today’s student to the changes in technology and pedagogy impact what should be learned and how that learning should be approached. In our research, Izzy+ has arrived at four key factors that impact learning today: pedagogy, students, technology, and space. Although there can be […]

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  • Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman University

    Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman University, is an amazing project that we where proud to be a part of. Princess Nora University is a women’s university in Saudi Arabia and largest women-only university in the world. It is composed of 32 campuses across the Riyadh region and a new library capable of holding 4.5 million volumes. […]

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  • Learning is the work students do: Applying lessons learned from workplaces to learning spaces. CEU

    .1 CEU credit - 1 hour Subject Code: Design Specialties: Institution: Education Designation: Interior Design: Design trends Disruptive changes in technology have enabled changes in behavior and space use. Increased mobility, emphasis on cooperation and interactivity are changing how we work, learn and live. Billions of dollars have been spent conceiving and developing workplace solutions [...] Continue Reading
  • Workplace Change: Managing for Success

    .1 CEU credit - 1 hour Subject Code: 2.9 Interior Design, Programming and Planning Designation: Health Safety Welfare Classification: Intermediate People have a natural resistance to change even though there are good business reasons for transforming the workplace. Often workers feel vulnerable with the process. Consequently, workplace change management should be executed very carefully and [...] Continue Reading
  • Education In the 21st Century Higher Education Trends

    The 21st Century Higher Education Environment is no longer just a place to sit and pay attention. With connect classrooms, online learning and advances in technology. It has evolved into an interactive, multi-functional tool used to assist educators in the facilitating of a variety of learning modules. Learning Model Media & Technology Adaptability Connectivity read the […]

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  • Classroom of the Future Whitepaper

    The classroom space is no longer just a place to sit and pay attention. It has evolved into an interactive, multi-functional tool used to assist educators in the facilitating of a variety of learning modules. DOWNLOAD PDF REQUEST A QUOTE Education News Continue Reading
  • Saddleback College Library | Video

    Saddleback College Library Video

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